Crypto Technology

Crypto Technology

A visualisation the current state of technology involved with cryptocurrencies using the hype cycle. See also our Crypto Hype Cycle. These are not specific to a single project.

These charts are based on the opinion of our contributors. We encourage experts to propose changes.

The blockchain is at the core of cryptocurrencies. In short it represents a public ledger of who owns what.

Tokens (Ethereum

Ethereum based tokens go by the ERC-20 standard, and allow third parties to launch custom tokens on top of the Ethereum network.

For technical details:

Tokens (Stellar)

Stellar tokens, also known as assets, are custom tokens utilized within the Stellar network.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts is code that is executed on the blockchain network. Several coins allow smart contracts. Differences between them is based on contract code language, speed and costs.


dApps is short for decentralized apps. It allows programs to execute code on the blockchain network.

An overiew:

Lightning Network

The lightning network is a protocol on top of the blockchain, allowing instant transactions over a payment channel.

Contributors: Yvo Schaap.

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